Some ramdom thoughts for my hate-to-say-it-journal

15 05 2008

Why are you still on my mind? Why does it have to be so hard letting you go? Just erased your number from my phone. That’s when I realised you’re gone. My hopes are gone… For goMiss Uod. It wasn’t fair to you. I put all my hopes in your hands. My hopes to be happy, to feel good about myself, to be the girl I know I can be. As soon as it got a bit difficult, you turn your back on me… on US. It’s been nearly two months now… I’m still there… hoping you’d change your mind and give our love a chance to bloom to its fullest. You were never my type… I never thought I’d fall for you… but the way you looked at me that night, that first night… the way your hand went through my hair… you knew you had me. You made me get over my ex, you made me believe it wasn’t over for me. You made me feel alive. But here I am sitting on my bed at 2:10 in the morning still thinking about you and the way you cut our love right through its beginning. 



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