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Nothing to do on a cold night alone



Nothing’s left to distract me from my thoughts…

Just me and this damn journal, me and this boring life I’m frustrated to call my own.

In a blink of an eye, there I was.. facing life.. Dark, no lights, no noises…

Ooh wait, there’s the ticking of the clock reminding me that the Earth’s still turning.

What happened during the past 6 months?

I miss the time where I had somebody to talk to, to laugh with, to love, to live through…

Now, just have to live for myself I guess

The power turns on. Let the circus of this life goes back into motion.



uppck1ffm0qk.jpgDo I still believe in true love?

Can’t even answer that.

I hope, it’s still there… somewhere but it’s getting harder to keep thinking that Mr Right exists.

The one that’s going to rescue me from drowning in my own life

The one that’s going it love me for who I am and not who I could be

The one that’s going to break this wall I’ve carefully built for protection

Hope slowly fades…

The wall is getting thicker and thicker…

The wait is getting the best of me…

Can somebody reach for me at that point?

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