I Will Be



I will be, all that you want
And get myself together
Cause you keep me from falling apart

All my life, I’ll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make everything okay

You’re the one thing I got right
The only one I let inside
Now I can breathe, cause you’re here with me

And if I let you down
I’ll turn it all around
Cause I would never let you go

Without you I can’t sleep
I’m not gonna ever, ever let you leave
You’re all I’ve got, you’re all I want

Cause without you I don’t know what I’d do
I can never, ever live a day without you
Here, with me, do you see,
You’re all I need

I Will Be – Lyrics from Leona Lewis’s song



What if I fall and hurt myself
Would you know how to fix me

What if i went and lost myself
Would you know where to find me

If I forgot who i am
would you please remind me

‘Cause without you things go hazy

Lyrics from the Song  » Hazy » – Rosi Golan feat. William Fitzsimmons

I’m Yours… If You Want Me To…


So I won’t hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I’m sure
There’s no need to complicate, our time is short
This is our fate, I’m yours

D-d-do do you, but do you, d-d-do
But do you want to come on
Scooch on over closer dear
And I will nibble your ear

Jason Mraz’s Lyrics –  I’m Yours

Pick Up The Pieces


takemyhand.jpgI was adrift
On an ocean all alone
You came and rescued me
When I was far from home

A rush of love around my heart
Just as I fell apart

+ Nobody ever cared as much for me
Nobody’s touched my heart and healed my pain
You’ve picked up the pieces
And put me back together again +

Careful, we’re fragile
And easily we break
In your arms I’m certain
Is all the love we’ll make

A rush of love around my heart
Just as you take my hand


I’ll write your name in stars across the sky
We’ll drift away into each other’s eyes


Lyrics from Pick Up The Pieces – Instant Star

Enjoy The Show


I’m just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze, and love is a riddle
I don’t know where to go
Can’t do it alone
I’ve tried, but I don’t know why 

Slow it down, make it stop
Or else my heart is going to pop
Cause it’s too much, yeah it’s a lot
To be something I’m not

I’m a fool out of love
Cause I just can’t get enough 

I’m just a little girl lost in the moment
I’m so scared but I don’t show it
I can’t figure it out
It’s bringing me down
I know, I’ve got to let it go

And just enjoy the show  

The Show – Lenka    

Bite My Tongue


Yeah I gotta keep quiet quiet
Don’t let it all come undone
‘Cause if I dare open my mouth
It’ll just be to bite my tongue
To bit my tongue6789chut.jpg

Quiet quiet
Don’t let it all come undone
‘Cause if I dare open my mouth
It’ll just be to bite my tongue

Yeah I gotta keep quiet quiet
Listen to your voice
Because the power of your words
Can repair all that I destroyed

Bite My Tongue – Relient K


* Dreams aren’t what they used to be
Some things slide by so carelessly
Smile like you mean it
Smile like you mean it *

- The Killers

Hope it gives you hell


When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell
When you walk my way
Hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell

If you find a man girl that’s worth a damn and treats you well
Then he’s she’s a fool you’re just as well
Hope it gives you hell

Tomorrow you’ll be thinking to yourself
Where’d it all go wrong?
But the list goes on and on

The truth be told I miss you
And truth be told I’m lying
Now you’ll never see
What you’ve done to me
You can take back your memories
They’re no good to me
And here’s all your lies
You can look me in the eyes
With the sad, sad look
That you wear so well
Hope it gives you hell…

I hope it puts you through hell…

Gives You Hell – The All-American Rejects’s New Song

Hide N Seek



It’s okay…



Waking up from this nightmare
How’s your life, what’s it like there?
Is it all what you want it to be?
Does it hurt when you think about me?
And how broken my heart is


It’s okay to be angry and never let go
It only gets harder the more that you know
When you get lonely if no one’s around
You know that I’ll catch you when you’re falling down
We came together but you left alone
And I know how it feels to walk out on your own
Maybe someday I will see you again
And you’ll look me in my eyes and call me your friend


Someday if ever you love me you’d say its okay
It’s okay
It’s okay


Empty Apartment – Yellowcard’s Lyrics

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